EXAM 2 - EXAM 2 Presidency -Bureaucrat in Chief...

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EXAM 2 Presidency -Bureaucrat in Chief -Implementing (as opposed to executing) public policy- including the laws passed by Congress & the decisions of Federal Judiciary -Vast powers for coordinating policy across disparate issues -Policymaking at the broadest level -Head of State & dominates foreign policy -Political & administrative lines of authority -“Issues myopia” Federal Judiciary -Est. constitutionality of policy -Broad authority to reform (through jurisdiction prescribed & proscribed by Congress) -Political variation equal to that of Congress -More political than they’d have us believe -Works on basis of precedent -Concern is w/ the process of est. authority & making policy, rather than content of public policies Federal Bureaucracy -Institutional memory of govt. -Ready & willing reservoir of expertise -Conversion of the lofty goals of policy (even democracy) into regulations & rules “on the road” –it’s where the rubber meets the road -Administrative & analytical machinery of govt. -Combines 3 major functions of govt. influence goes far beyond implementation of policy -Object of partisan & institutional conflict- control over levers of govt. -“Refines” the intent of political branches of govt. The US Congress Key Inst. Features -Bicameral -House more rule- bound & more influential on budget; majority rule -Staggered terms: House (2 years), Senate (6 years) -Org. is characterized by inst. imperatives, partisanship, ideology, geography, indentity Organization Forms -Partisanship -Geography -Ideology (Think of the Blue- Dog Dems)
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-Identity (Action of the Black Caucus amid the crisis of fall 2008) -Institutional- Committee System
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EXAM 2 - EXAM 2 Presidency -Bureaucrat in Chief...

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