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EA1101_ET1000_NK1001 Grammar Editing 1 - Although they used...

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EA1101/ET1000/NK1001 Grammar Editing 1 There are 10 errors in the following text. Identify the error in the numbered sentence, write your correction in the lined space at the right followed by a clear explanation of the type of error, Noun, Pronoun or Subject-Verb Agreement, at the end of the text. Read the text completely before you begin. 1
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Scientists Clone Human Cell for Organs They said it was coming and now it has happened. (1)The technology which started with cloning Dolly the sheep have led to the cloning of an adult human cell. (2)Scientists said on Thursday they had used cloning technology to fuse human and cow cell in an attempt to grow organs for transplant in a laboratory dish. The team at the tiny biotechnology company Advanced Cell Technology said the cells had grown as an embryo for a few days, and then reverted to a primordial state known as stem cells. These cells are capable of growing into any kind of cell.
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Unformatted text preview: Although they used the same method they used to clone cows, the scientists at the privately-held company, based in Massachusetts, said they had no intention of trying to create human clones. (3)“We will not use this technology to clone human being,” Mr Michael West, president and chief executive officer of Advanced Cell Technology, vowed in a statement. (4)The company has not submitted it’s research for the standard scientific “peer review” process which involves other experts checking to make sure it is legitimate work. First, they wanted to assess the public response, said Professor James Robl, a professor of animal science. (5)Otherwise, the company may end up with sinking a lot of money (1) ________________________ (2)________________________ (3)________________________ (4)_________________________ (5)________________________ 2 3...
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