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EA1101/ET1000/NK1001 Grammar Editing 3 There are 10 errors in the following text. Identify the error in the numbered sentence, write your correction in the lined space at the right and give a clear explanation of the type of error, Preposition, Article or Parallelism, at the end of the text. Read the text completely before you begin. Why Most Students Cheat: It’s Not What You Think Three quarters of all college students have cheated at least once and that may be a conservative estimate. (1)A 1990 survey, conducted at the University of Miami, Ohio, found that 9 of 10 students there cheated by methods ranging from copying a classmate’s answers during an examination to plagiarise term papers. (2)Every day, we hear and read that United States is losing its competitive edge. One explanation is that American students are graduating without getting an education. Anyone who has spent some time in a college classroom can hardly disagree. Many people find it hard to sympathise with students who cheat. (3)If undergraduates, or their parents, are financing a college education, they have a responsibility to attend class, learn the subjects
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EA1101_ET1000_NK1001 Grammar Editing 3 -...

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