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EA1101/ET1000/NK1001 Grammar Editing 14 Text Editing 1. There are TEN (10) errors in the following text. The errors are found only in the numbered sentences , and only one error in each of them. 2. Underline the error in the numbered sentence, then write your correction in the numbered blank space on the right side of the text. 3. After your correction, give a brief explanation of the error : noun, pronoun, subject- verb agreement, word form, verb form, tense, preposition, article or parallelism . Note that not all these items will be tested. Some may be repeated. Example (0) More and more women is now joining the paid labour force worldwide. (0) women are Explanation: subject-verb agreement. The subject is plural so we need a plural verb. A Woman’s Work is Never Done More and more women are now joining the paid labour force worldwide. (1)They represented the majority of the workforce in all the sectors which are expanding as a result of globalisation and trade liberalization. These include the informal sector such as subcontracting, export processing or free trade zones, home working and the "flexible", part-time, temporary, low-paid labour force. Even in countries which have low levels of women paid workers, such as the Arab countries, employment is rising. In South-East Asia, women represent up to 80 per cent of the workforce in the export processing zones, working mainly in the labour-intensive textile, toy, shoe and electronic sectors. (2) In Latin America and the Caribbean, 70 per cent of
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EA1101_ET1000_NK1001 Grammar Editing 14 -...

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