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EA1101/ET1000/NK1001 GRAMMAR EDITING 18 Text Editing 1. There are TEN (10) errors in the following text. The errors are found only in the numbered sentences , and only one error in each of them. 2. Underline the error in the numbered sentence, then write your correction in the numbered blank space on the right side of the text. 3. After your correction, write a brief explanation of the type of error : noun, pronoun, subject-verb agreement, word form, verb form, tense, preposition, article or parallelism. Note that not all these items will be tested. Some may be repeated. Example: (0) …. Pierre, with who she shared the first of her Nobel Prizes. (0) with whom. The object pronoun should be used here. Women and Sexism in Scientific Fields Martin Peretz There are many iconic photographs of Marie Curie, especially those early on with her husband, Pierre, with whom she shared the first of her Nobel Prizes. After his death, the photographs were mostly of her standing alone with her instruments in the laboratory. But there are other, more telling, images as well, where she was always the lone woman. In a 1911 photograph, she is surrounded by 23 men at the Solvay physics conference in Brussels. In a photograph at Lausanne, she sits, front-row, dead center, between Einstein and Fermi in a constellation of perhaps 80 or 90 men. (1)This was the real, very sexist, world of physics, as explain in Madame Curie , the biography written by her daughter, who also happens to be my mother-in-law,
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EA1101_ET1000_NK1001 Grammar Editing 18 -...

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