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EA1101/ET1000/NK1001 GRAMMAR EDITING 19 Text Editing 1. There are TEN (10) errors in the following text. You have to do the following: Underline the error in the numbered sentence, then write your correction in the numbered blank space on the right side of the text. After that, explain your choice of answer for all your ten corrections (noun, pronoun, subject-verb agreement, word form, verb form, tense, preposition, article or parallelism) Take note that not all these items will be tested. Some may be repeated while others are left out, to prevent elimination strategy When Individuals are Reduced to Genes By Louise Smyth , 2002 Nothing has dehumanised individuals more than reducing them to a set of genes, although this is the very essence of human life. In Nazi Germany, disabled people were reduced to a number. (1) Some numbers went to mental asylums for medical experimentation and others are exterminated immediately. This was during the 1940's and today in 2002 we have reduced people to more number codes such as Type 2 Myotonic Dystrophy becoming ZNF9. Reducing people to the name of an impairment makes it more likely that decisions and choices will be made dissociated from the human existence and experience behind the number. Geneticisation has resulted in human problems being reduced to genetic variations. It attributes disabling factors to the genetic impairment. (2) Furthermore, it can be argued that if it is acceptable to fund research in gene therapies, for example, to cure or alleviating an existing condition, then why not allocate more funding to screening and prevention of the condition occurring in the first place? Aside from issues already discussed, there are people who already have a life limiting impairment such as Muscular Dystrophy or where the genetic cause of impairment has occurred 'out of the blue' after birth. Such people have recently argued their case as the “Right to Survive”. We cannot ignore the therapeutic medical needs of people who will be born with or spontaneously develop such impairments without warning. At the
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EA1101_ET1000_NK1001 Grammar Editing 19 -...

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