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Grammar Editing 21 Name: _____________________ Tutorial Group: T _____ Text Editing 1. There are TEN (10) errors in the following text. The errors are found only in the numbered sentences , and only one error in each of them. 2. Underline the error in the numbered sentence, then write your correction in the numbered blank space on the right side of the text. 3. After your correction, write a brief explanation of the type of error : noun, pronoun, subject-verb agreement, word form, verb form, tense, preposition, article or parallelism. Note that not all these items will be tested. Some may be repeated. Example: (0) Having history rewrote and reinterpreted … (0) rewritten The past participle form is needed here because of “having” A Brilliant Piece of Pseudo-History Having history rewritten and reinterpreted is no eyebrow raiser these days. Historical fiction in movies about romance and war is increasingly popular too. (1)But serious speaking, “historical fiction” is rather a contradiction as “history” should be about factual happenings or as factual as the witnesses honestly believe. It is true that a pseudo- historical story based on a mixture of history and fiction can be appealing for its wild imagination. (2)Therefore, we must be specially discerning about books like the Da Vinci Code, that a gullible reader may well think is based on accurate historical facts because it is written so convincingly. This essay aims to refute some of Dan Brown’s claims in his bestseller the Da Vinci Code, as they contain a lot of historical errors in
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EA1101_ET1000_NK1001 Grammar Editing 21 -...

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