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Zaneta Brunson Critical Thinking and Writing 5/5/2011 Questions 5/05/2011 Q1. What does Jacoby mean when she says she is a “First Amendment Junkie”? To me she means that having the right to free speech and being able to say what you want to say is like a natural high and you can’t get enough of it. Its addicting. Q2. a.Summarize Lawrence’s essay in a paragraph. His Essay talked about free speech and racist speech and how they correlate. His essay argues for free speech and why with the new surge of racism and racist speech that people are looking to come up with a structure for it so that it can control the racist free speech. His ultimate goal is to find a way so that people still had their rights to free speech without violating other people by saying racist comments and supporting racism. b. In a sentence state Lawrence’s thesis. “We must embark upon the development of a First Amendment jurisprudence grounded in the reality of our history and our contemporary experience. “
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Unformatted text preview: Q3. In a 100 word essay explain the difference between conduct that is harmful and conduct that is merely offensive. The difference between harmful conduct and offensive conduct is a big difference. Harmful conduct on campus can consist of violence and behavior such as hazing. Harmful can come in many forms. Harmful behavior can consist of constantly verbally abusing someone such as calling constantly telling them something that at one point was merely offensive but then later turned to verbal abusive because it was a repetitive action. Another harmful conduct example is when someone physically touches someone in a way that is harmful such as punching them or any other means of physical harm. Offensive conduct is when you clearly offend someone. For example vandalism could be considered offensive conduct because it can affect one person or many people. That is the difference between harmful and offensive conduct....
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