Chapter 2 notes - enterprise systems(enterprise info...

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enterprise systems (enterprise info systems)- integrate the business process functionality and info from all of an organization's functional areas o Examples- marketing, sales, cash receipts, purchases, human resources, and production o These are installed to differentiate themselves from the competitors Enterprise resource planning (ERP) - are software packages that can be used for the core systems necessary to support the enterprise system. o designed to offer integration of virtually all of the organization's business functions o allow companies to standardize systems across multiple location and divisions to link processes and data in consistent fashion providing access throughout company to all data o At first, most adopters were involved in manufacturing and very large enterprises because costs were extremely high smaller companies didn't have the funds Most Common Add-On Modules to ERPs customer relationship management (CRM)- builds and maintains an organization's customer related database o data is collected from the web, call centers, field sales, service calls, and dealer network o the goal is to personalize your experience and increase business by making experience pleasant and efficient according to personal buying habits customer self service (CSS)- allows organization customers to complete and inquiry, perform a task, or trouble shoot problems without the aid of employees o allows customers to check order status', review availability, and check production plans sales force automation (SFA)- automates sales tasks such as processing, contacting management, inventory monitoring, order tracking, and employee performance
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Chapter 2 notes - enterprise systems(enterprise info...

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