Farson Notes-Exam I - Introduction Embracing Paradox and...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction: Embracing Paradox and Absurdity What is he trying to accomplish in the book?--"It is my hope to encourage managers and all those in positions of leadership to think beyond the conventional wisdom-in particular, to understand how the ways we think shape what we see, and how paradox and absurdity inevitably play a part in our every action."--State of affairs="Managers are whipsawed from one fashionable training program to the next as their organizations keep buying into new trends, new definitions of management, new motivational phrases." Chapter 1: The Opposite of a Profound Truth Is Also True--"Our great achievements in science, law, government, and in every intellectual pursuit are dependent upon our development as rational, logical thinkers." Next sentence--"But this kind of thinking has also limited us."--"Although it seems illogical, no two things are as closely related as opposites."--"Leadership is essentially the management of dilemmas."--Dilemma: 2 givens, must choose one or other--Di=2 Lemma=statement of fundamental truth that is given--"Opposites not only can coexist, but can even enhance one another."--This also refers to the handout on paradoxes-- Chapter 2: Nothing is as Invisible as the Obvious--"Discovering the obvious is always a challenge."--"As the little boy proved, the invisible obvious can be made visible by anyone. It is often the most valuable service on can offer an organization. But it requires non-traditional thinking."--Five enemies of non-traditional thinking: Deeply held ideologies, cultural values, tunnel vision, selective perception, and deference to the judgment of others.--These enemies are all required to be successful/produce results, but to think creatively you have to get rid of these....
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Farson Notes-Exam I - Introduction Embracing Paradox and...

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