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Bus Chapt 6 - Ron Francois Chapt 6 Pg 159 1 People are will...

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Ron Francois 10/17/2008 Chapt 6 Pg 159 1. People are will to take the risk of entreprenuership for many reasons; some of which include the Lure and Opportunity to realize ones dreams and to Profit from its progress, and also the independence and challenge that it offers. 2. An entreprenuerial team offers the advantages of being able to pool creative skills with production and marketing skills, and harness more cooperation and coordination among the many functions involve in developing an idea. 3. Microprenuers are like all entreprenuers in the sense that they are willing to start and manage a business, but they differ because they tend to focus more on the businesses that will remain small while allowing them to do the things they want to do and still have balance lifestyle. 4. Web-bases businesses offers the opportunity of being able start a business quickly with a wider broad marketplace and low overhead cost, but the risk to being scam also increases threfolds. Pg 173 1. A business plan includes nine fundamental sections which include: (1) Executive
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