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Ron Francois 11/14/08 Chapt 12 Pg 336 1) The major laws affecting union growth were: 1) Norris-LaGuardia Act, 1932-Prohibited courts from issuing injunctions against nonviolent union activities, 2) National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act), 1935- Gave employees the right to form or join labor organizations (or to refuse to form or join), 3) Labor-Management Relations Act (Taft-Hartley Act), 1947- Amended the Wagner Act; permitted states to pass laws prohibiting compulsory union membership (right-to-work laws), 4) Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act ( Landrum-Griffin Act), 1959- Amended the Taft-Hartley Act and the Wagner Act; guaranteed individual rights of union members in dealing with their union, Autonomy. 2) The objectives of labor unions shifting response to changes in social and economic trends. 3) Unions or Management can use different tactics to assert their power in contract negotiations. For example, the unions can use strikes and boycott, and Management sometimes uses injunctions and lockouts.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) In order to grow and remain relevant, unions will have to adapt to an increasingly whit-collar, female, and culturally diverse workforce. Ex, nurses, doctors, accountants, clerks, etc. Pg343 1) American CEOs typically earn two to three times as much as executives in Europe and Canada. 2) The equal Pay Act of 1963 provides that workers receive equal pay for equal work (with exceptions for seniority, merit, or performance). Pay equity is the demand for equivalent pay for jobs requiring similar levels of education, training, and skills. 3) Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other conduct (verbal or physical) of a sexual nature that creates a hostile work environment. 4) Child care and elder care are two major issues facing companies today. Its an issue that has to be addressed simply because companies billions on dollars annually do to absenteeism and tardiness....
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