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(LO 7) E5-13 (Statement of Cash Flows—Classifications) A. Issuance of capital stock. (4) Financing activity B. Purchase of land and building. (3) Investing activity C. Redemption of bonds. (4) Financing activity D. Sale of equipment. (3) Investing activity E. Depreciation of machinery. (2) Operating activity—deduct from net income F. Amortization of patent. (2) Operating activity—deduct from net income G. Issuance of bonds for plant assets. (4) Financing activity
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Unformatted text preview: H. Payment of cash dividends. (4) Financing activity I. Exchange of furniture for office equipment. (3) Investing activity J. Purchase of treasury stock. (4) Financing activity K. Loss on sale of equipment. (3) Investing activity L. Increase in accounts receivable during the year. (1) Operating activity—add to net income M. Decrease in accounts payable during the year. (2) Operating activity—deduct from net income...
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