SOC 101 Topic 4 Qs

SOC 101 Topic 4 Qs - SOC 101 Topic 4 1. What is...

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SOC 101 – Topic 4 1. What is socialization? Why is socialization important? Socialization is learning after birth. It is important because it is the key to human social reproduction. 2. What are the major arguments in Piaget's cognitive development theory? Cognitive development passes through four fundamental stages: A. Sensorimotor B. Preoperational C. Concrete operational D. Formal operational Learning is not simply a copying process; Piaget and many others saw children making similar cognitive mistakes that nobody taught them before. Learning occurs in stages. 3. Piaget, Brown and Bellugi (p. 154), as well as Chomsky (pp. 154) all wanted to show us that 1) learning has a biological basis, 2) learning is a creative process, not just a copying process. What made them think so ? They recorded many sentences and experienced many things that demonstrated that children experiment with speech in ways that appear to involve a search for grammatical rules – trial and error attempts to discover rules determining what words are allowed in what positions in sentences in their native language. 4. See how Skeels and Dye's research (pp. 149-150) demonstrates the effect of "attachments" (or the effect of human interaction) on children's cognitive abilities. Traced the same group of mentally challenged orphanage kids for 27 years. They found that those that had been mothered by some older mildly retarded girls improved their intelligence dramatically and most graduated from high school and became self-supporting
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SOC 101 Topic 4 Qs - SOC 101 Topic 4 1. What is...

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