SOC 101 Topic 5 Qs - SOC 101 Topic 5 1. What are the...

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SOC 101 – Topic 5 1. What are the definitions of crime and deviance? Crime: acts of force and fraud undertaken in pursuit of self-interest. Deviance: behavior that violates norms. 2. What are the sociological questions to crime/deviance? How is it different from a psychological or a legal question? The sociological questions to crime and deviance are A. Why do some groups commit more crimes than others? B. What determines if a behavior is deviant or not? The biological and psychological perspective tends to accept the legal definition of crime. Their questions are: A. Why do some criminals have higher recidivism rates than others (arguably, serious crimes are committed by a small group of people) B. Why do some populations have more criminals (why are our prisons filled with more males? While sociologists study crime and crime rate, biologists and psychologists study criminals and their criminality, where it is more likely for them to seek criminal characteristics within the individual. What constitutes the average criminal according to the biological and psychological perspective? According to the biological and psychological perspective, crime is defined by the legal definition. Biologists argue for the “criminal predespositions.” They tend to see crime as a medical, not social, problem. How did Walter Gove demonstrate his biological explanation of crime? He did this by theorizing. He knew that deviance rapidly declined around age thirty, because physical strentght peaks in the early twenties and then declines. Also, physical energy peaks in the twenties. In addition, rebound came into play, for example, an older
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SOC 101 Topic 5 Qs - SOC 101 Topic 5 1. What are the...

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