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HP 200 Study Guide - The six dimensions of wellness include...

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The six dimensions of wellness include all of the following except: Dietary wellness Which of the following best describes spiritual wellness? Possession of a set of beliefs that give meaning to life The best treatment for chronic disease is Prevention The typical American diet is Too high in unhealthy fats Good strategies for achieving and maintaining a health body weight include all of the following except Short term dieting All of the following are benefits of regular exercise and physical fitness except Decreased muscle mass The leading cause of death for people under age 45 is Coronary heart disease Factors involved in wellness Often interact The first step in changing a health related behavior is Identifying the target behavior In the “stages of changes” model, the precontemplation stage is Belief that there is no need for change As a person’s cardiorespiratory endurance increases, the Resting heart rate decreases Muscular strength is the Amount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximum effort Muscular endurance is Ability to resist fatigue and sustain a given level of muscular tension over time The best way to lose body fat is through Sensible diet and regular exercise Specificity of training is best shown by which of the following? Doing pushups to develop arm strength The recommended duration for cardiorespiratory endurance exercise is 20-60 minutes The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire is designed to Determine exercise safety Cardiorespiratory endurance is developed best by activities that Involve continuous rhythmic movements of large muscle groups Muscular strength and endurance are developed best by activities that Involve working with weights or performing calisthenic exercises Which of the following sources of fitness information is probably LEAST likely to provide useful advice? A person who looks physically fit All of the following CVD risk factors are modifiable EXCEPT Family history of CVD For adults, a desirable level of total cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dl Which one of the following cholesterol profiles would place someone at greatest risk for heart disease? Low HDL and high LDL Cardiovascular disease risk is greatest for people who tend to store body fat in the Torso All of the following psychological traits are associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk EXCEPT Ambition When the heart contracts, called ____, blood pressure ____; when the heart relaxes, called ___, blood pressure ___. Systole, increases, diastole, decreases
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HP 200 Study Guide - The six dimensions of wellness include...

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