Cuba and Haiti SN 312 notes

Cuba and Haiti SN 312 notes - Cuba Received over 1 million...

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Cuba Received over 1 million slaves from africa Shaped social identity, culture, politics Afro-cubans struggle for racial equality Castro declared socialism would put end to racism, didn’t exactly happen Haitan shortage of sugar so cuba had to make it up and imported slaves Cuba: 1886 abolished slavery By 1840 cuba was largest producer of sugar in world After Haitian revolution, Haiti went down as the world’s largest producer to cuba Effect of Haitian revolution on whites – fueled racism because whites were afraid of a revolution like in Haiti Operated plantations like prision – watch towers to watch planters, Slaves in Haiti 1791 began revolt to declare independence in 1804 this terrified Cuban whites 1825 all of spains American colonies all were independent but Puerto rico and cuba Wanted to keep cuba especially because of profits from sugar plantations and thus slaves Carlos manuel cespedes oct 10 1868 launche 1 war of independence in cuba Called slaves to mtg to launch war of independence on spain and they were his army and free Movement grew into war of independence 1874 cespedes killed by Spanish 1878 war ended Another began – antionio manseo – bronze titan How could black man become big leader when blacks were slaves Rose to general in military Spain tried to use the fact that blacks were the main army would only lead to a black dominated republic jose marti defended this Cuba for Cubans! Blacks and whites were first and foremost Cuban Final war against spain 1895-1898 Conflict escalated and US govmt send USS Maine to protect Mysteriously sunk in Havana harbor Visible for 14 years Splits Cuban history in two No longer under Spanish control Expelled spain from cuba War between spain and America over in 10 weeks Cubans all – white and black rich and poor – rejoiced Gotesolo: wrote letter showing nationalistic sentiments Our land Long live cuba Weird for black person to write letter since people from slavery were illiterate Handwriting slightly bad but manages to get point across Gato Sola Nationalistic version – Cubans fighting spain for 30 years Tried during occu[pation to oppose segregation Staff for police force or US govmt forced to make them separate Cuban elite were with this Maseo as great warrior; said he had great body like Hercules Longer the investigation went on, the more European and white the pics etc of him became Quinitin banderas – 1000s of former slaves decided dream couldn’t be allowed to die Pedro Yvonette and independent unit of color - demanded rights for slaves and would fitght for this Equated blacks with monkeys and rats of the bubonic plague Termed “niggers” Blacks couldn’t go in certain areas in parks Blacks marginalized Discrimination but no actual segregation laws
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Pedro YVONNET and many of his followers massacred by government Racist caricatures common in American press too Cuba represented as black child Black men could vote but whites wanted to quash all African roots and make themselves more European dna damerican
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Cuba and Haiti SN 312 notes - Cuba Received over 1 million...

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