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James Weinstock 67573931 Professor Schmidt January 30, 2012 White coat 1.Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac However after realizing that this man was named one of the worlds hardest men to get a hold of, I took the liberty and emailed Insomniac explaining the white coat assignment and asking if there were any other financial managers that would be better to shadow since that is more of my major than health. So we will see what happens hopefully they will forward me to someone else more suitable than main CEO. Anyways my goals/hopes: -To gain a better understanding of the management that goes on with the music industry, especially with the number one events company.
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Unformatted text preview: -Figure out what skills you need to learn to do job best as I can. -Find out if the job is worth looking into. -To find out if I even want to work for a events company.-What are the challenges or risks of being a manager. -Is the job stable? My second choice is the Chief Operating Officer of Fox Studios. (My sister works at Fox and I asked her to ask her bosses if I can white coat them.) Goals & Hopes:- To get a first hand view of what goes on in a movie company.-Understand what variables go into budgeting and finance in the movie/ Hollywood industry.-Again to understand what skills I would need to acquire to do the position....
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