chapter2 - BUS*3000 Human Resources Management CHAPTER 2...

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BUS*3000- Human Resources Management CHAPTER 2- MEETING LEGAL REQUIREMENTS Responsibilities of HR Department 1. stay informed about the law 2. ensure organizational compliance with the law 3. optimize workforce 4 main legal means affecting Employment 1. Human Rights Legislation • Canadian Human Rights Act (1978) Every individual should have an equal opportunity with other individuals to make for himself or herself the life that he or she is able and wishes to have, consistent with his or her duties and obligations as a member of society.” (Section 2) “It is a discriminatory practice, directly or indirectly, (a) to refuse to employ or continue to employ any individual, or (b) in the course of employment, to differentiate adversely in relation to an employee, on a prohibited ground of discrimination” (Section 8) •Discrimination - In employment, any refusal to employ or to continue to employ any person, or to adversely affect any current employee, on the basis of that individual’s membership in a protected group. Intentional Discrimination: Discrimination is intentional (directly). Employment rule or practices which deliberately discriminate on a prohibited ground i.e require very heavy lifting that may discriminate women to take on the job. Unintentional Discrimination\ Systemic Discrimination: Discrimination is an outcome. May seem neutral, but may discriminate against specific group of people for reasons that are not job related or required.
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chapter2 - BUS*3000 Human Resources Management CHAPTER 2...

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