chapter4 - BUS*3000- Human Resources Management CHAPTER 4-...

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CHAPTER 4- JOB ANALYSIS AND DESIGN Organizing Work For Strategic Success Organizational Structure : refers to the formal relationships among jobs in an organization Organization Chart : indicates the types of department and the title of each manager’s job. It shows how the chain of command and shows who is accountable to whom (only a snap shot of the organization at a particular point of time). Job Design Job design: Process of systematically organizing work into tasks that are required to perform aspecific job - Key Considerations in Job Design include environmental considerations (employees, ergonomic, psychological states. JOB DESIGN Employees Considerations 1. Organizational Considerations: Efficiency: - Stress efficiency in effort, time , labour costs, training, and employee learning time - Workflow: - Sequence of and balance between job ( how it link to company’s strategy i.e. I may need your job first, to do mine) 2. Ergonomic Considerations: - Focuses on how human beings physically interface with their work - Fitting the task to the worker rather than forcing employees to adapt to the task Can lead to significant improvements: - Efficiency and productivity - Workplace safety 3. Environmental Considerations: - Workforce Availability - Abilities and availability of people to do the work - Social Expectations - Expectations of society and workers Ergonomic Considerations Work Practices - Set ways of performing work (people may like things the way they are right now, and may be resistant to change (can disrupt their comfort zone)). 4. Employee Considerations:
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chapter4 - BUS*3000- Human Resources Management CHAPTER 4-...

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