lab2 - Lab 2 - Basic I/O, Functions, and Procedures In this...

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In this lab you should Backgr The histor Numerical (ballistics) set of thes hurled, or object is g path it tak of its horiz velocity. ( The follow projectile, Source: h We can no 2 - Basi b you will learn d have enoug round ry of computin Integrator An ). While actua se equations f otherwise pro gravity (for ou kes is called it zontal motion Adapted: http ing figure and t is time, and ttp://www.sta ow use the ab c I/O, F n the basics o h knowledge ng was founde nd Computer) l ballistics con from physics t opelled into sp ur simplified m s trajectory. W and at any g p://physics.inf d equations de d g (use 9.81) ove equations Functio f console inpu to build basic ed on the basi , was used in ntains a lot of to perform the pace is consid odel we cons When projecte iven time, the fo/projectiles ) escribe the m is the gravita l/~romangoc/ s to calculate ns, and ut/output, fun C++ program s of war. The the generatio complex equa ese projectile dered to be a p sider air resist ed at an angle e object's has ). otion of a pro ational force. / the position o d Proced ctions, and pr ms to do simp first electron on of projectil ations of dyna calculations. projectile. The tance and othe e, the object's a vertical and ojectile where of a projectile dures rocedures. By le calculations ic computer, E e trajectory c amics, we will An object tha e dominant fo er forces to be s vertical moti d horizontal co V o is the initia PROJECT Horizont Vertical Horizont Vertical Maximum at any given y the end of th s. ENIAC (Elect calculations l use a simplif t is thrown, fi orce acting on e negligible). on is indepen omponent for al velocity of t TILE EQUATI tal Velocity Velocity tal Position Position m Height point in time. his lab
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lab2 - Lab 2 - Basic I/O, Functions, and Procedures In this...

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