Exercise 1 Yield_of_Bentonite_and_Attapulgite_Clays-1

Exercise 1 Yield_of_Bentonite_and_Attapulgite_Clays-1 - Lab...

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Lab Report 1 on the Yield of Bentonite and Attapulgite Clays Title: Yield of Bentonite and Attapulgite Clays Purpose : To prepare a recommendation based on the performance of two clay types and well conditions. To be done after Lab 1 and due at the beginning of Lab 2. Reading: Sections 2.1.1-2.1.4, 2.3.1-2.3.2, 2.4.3 Report Procedure: As you will note (see the attached memo), your Drilling Manager has requested that you recommend a type of clay to be used on the next well. Alpha Mud Company has run some tests to assist in your evaluation of the two clays to be used, namely Bentonite and Attapulgite. Results from the tests are listed on the attached data sheet. Please write a memo style report that includes the following attachments: (a) The original data sheet provided by the Alpha Mud Company (b) The calculated yield value of the two clays in the two types of fluids. (c) A discussion of the effect of water salinity on viscosity for both types of clay. (d) Recommendations as to which of the test fluids to use. You should make this recommendation based on your reading of the reference sections and
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Exercise 1 Yield_of_Bentonite_and_Attapulgite_Clays-1 - Lab...

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