Exercise 3 - Stuck Pipe

Exercise 3 - Stuck Pipe - PGE 430 Lab Exercise 3 To:...

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PGE 430 Lab Exercise 3 To: District Drilling Engineer From: Student Name Memo style +0.5 pt Re: Stuck Pipe Delays in the Salt Dome Field Wells. Date: TA VERSION At the last planning meeting we discussed the stuck pipe problems we have experienced in relation to mud filtrate loss. You asked me to recommend a mud type that will provide an API filtrate of 15 ml or less based on the idea that a mud with this filtrate will not promote stuck pipe. Recommendations: Based on the mud tests provided by the Alpha Mud Company I recommend the mud containing 6% bentonite and 2 lb/bbl CMC. As I explain in the discussion that follows this mud has an API filtrate of 5.6 ml and develops a hard 2/32” thick mud cake. This is the lowest filtrate and the thinnest and hardest mud cake of all the muds tested. The cost of this mud is $10.74/bbl. This is the most correct option. If this is chosen award +3 points. If either the 6% bentonite or the 6% attapulgite with 2 lb/bbl CMC is chosen award only +1.5 points. If any other option is recommended award zero points. Discussion: The cause of stuck pipe is directly related to the thickness and toughness of the mud cake. The thinner and tougher the cake the less likely it will be to have stuck pipe. As will be shown using the Alpha Mud Co. data, API filtration rate does not always correlate to the most desirable mud cake. Only an examination of the cake can be relied on. Figure 1 shows a plot of filtrate collected versus time and Figure 2 shows the same data plotted as a function of the square root of time using the six mud types tested by the Alpha Mud Company. The raw data from the mud company tests are presented at the end of this report. The six mud types in the figures are: B-1 3% bentonite B-2 6% bentonite B-3 6% bentonite with 2 lb/bbl CMC A-1 3% attapulgite A-2 6% attapulgite A-3 6% attapulgite with 2 lb/bbl CMC Report No. 3 1
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Filtration Rate 0 50 100
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Exercise 3 - Stuck Pipe - PGE 430 Lab Exercise 3 To:...

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