Exercise 3 Stuck_Pipe_and__Filtration

Exercise 3 Stuck_Pipe_and__Filtration - Lab Report No. 3...

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Lab Report No. 3 – Filtration Control and Stuck Pipe Title : Stuck Pipe and Filtration Control Purpose : Select the mud with the proper filtration control for solving stuck pipe problems. References : Section 2.1.5, Figure 2.44 Report Procedure: The District Drilling Engineer has requested an analysis of mud types for wells in an area that has experienced frequent incidents of stuck pipe. Using the laboratory data provided by the Alpha Mud Company you are to prepare a memo style report to the District Drilling Engineer giving your recommendations. Your report is to have attachments that back up your conclusions, such as: 1. The Alpha Mud Company lab letter and lab data. 2. A plot of filtrate volume of all six samples on the same graph paper versus time and a second graph of filtrate volume verses square root of time. 3. A table that lists the API water loss and mud cake thickness for each sample. 4. A discussion of the effectiveness of Bentonite, Attapulgite, and CMC as filtration control additives, from a cost point of view. 5. A discussion of the type of mud cake observed for the mud components CMC, Bentonite, and Attapulgite. 6. Explain the reasoning behind your recommendations. * Note: Your supporting documents should be ordered in such a way as to make the report readable. Hints:
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Exercise 3 Stuck_Pipe_and__Filtration - Lab Report No. 3...

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