Exercise 4 - Salt Contaminated Mud

Exercise 4 - Salt Contaminated Mud - PGE 430 Lab Exercise 4...

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To: Rig 79 Supervisor From: Student Name Re: Salt contaminated mud on the next well Date: TA Version – (Must be a memo format +0.5 point.) We are expecting brine water intrusions into the referenced well before we reach the setting depth for the 9 5/8-inch intermediate casing. The actual severity of this problem is unknown. Recommendations and a discussion of how to recognize and treat the problem are outlined in the sections below. Recommendations: Salt contamination of the mud will be recognized by a sudden increase in mud rheological properties. The most immediate and noticeable property on the rig will be a large increase in funnel viscosity. A mud check will show an increase in the chloride concentration of the water as well as increases in apparent viscosity, yield point and gel strength. If the chloride concentration is less than 9,062 mg/l I recommend the addition of lignosulfonate thinner. The amount of thinner to use is dependant on the chloride concentration. Therefore, a pilot test should be run using the contaminated mud and increasing thinner concentration beginning at the value estimated using the formula shown in the discussion until the yield point is reduced to 20 lbm/100 sq ft. If the chloride concentration exceeds 9,062 mg/l I recommend dilution of the mud system with fresh water and remixing with fresh bentonite to bring the rheological properties back to the values prior to contamination. This will be the most economical solution at higher chloride concentrations as will be shown in the discussion. (The points in red must be mentioned for full credit of +4 points.)
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Exercise 4 - Salt Contaminated Mud - PGE 430 Lab Exercise 4...

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