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Exercise 6 - Solids Content

Exercise 6 - Solids Content - PGE 430 Lab Exercise 6 To...

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PGE 430 Lab Exercise 6 To: Drilling Manager From: student name Re: Boyd No. 5 mud problems. Date: TA Version – memo format +0.5 point. You have asked me to review the mud data from the referenced well and pilot tests prepared by the Alpha Mud Company in order to determine the cause of elevated mud viscosity and filtration rate. My recommendations and discussion regarding this problem follow. Recommendations: The elevated rheologic properties and the poor filtration and mud cake are a direct result of allowing the drilled solids to accumulate in the mud. The bentonite content is currently too low due to dilution of the mud with fresh water. The hydrocyclones should be run to remove the drilled solids and fresh mud mixed by adding bentonite to bring the mud properties back to near original condition . It is unlikely that the mud weight can be maintained at 10.8 to 11 ppg with drilled solids while maintaining adequate mud properties. Therefore the use of barite and thinners may be required to maintain both mud weight and rheological properties. As shown in the pilot tests, CMC alone without the use of the other measures discussed will not bring the mud properties back to original conditions. In fact using CMC in the current mud only serves to make the viscosity problem worse.
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