Exercise 6 Solids_Analysis_of_Mud

Exercise 6 Solids_Analysis_of_Mud - Lab Report 6 Solids...

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Lab Report 6 – Solids Analysis of Drilling Mud Title: Solids Analysis of Drilling Mud Purpose: Determination of the concentration of active solids, inactive solids, and sand in a mud. References: Section 2.3.4, Example 2.22, Tables 2.6, 2.29, 2.30, and 2.31 Procedure: You are to write a memo report to the drilling manager using the information obtained while drilling the subject well. In this memo you are to: (1) recommend the most effective course of action (solution must solve both density and filtration problems); (2) support your recommendation; (3) outline what caused the problem; and (4) explain how to prevent it from happening again. The amount of treatment needed, composition of drilled solids, concentration of drilled solids, and sand content should all be discussed in your memo. Also be aware that the drilling manager's opinion is that CMC will fix the problem. If this is not what you believe is the best solution, tailor your argument so that he will see why your solution is the best. Suggestions: 1. Calculate the Bentonite equivalent content (in lbm/bbl) of the unknown mud. 2. Determine the volume fraction of bentonite and the volume fraction of drilled solids in the mud. (See Example 2.22) 3. Use Table 2.6 to assist you in determining the composition of the drilled solids. 4. Assuming that a typical mud must contain 20-25 lbm/bbl of bentonite, is there sufficient bentonite in the mud?
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Exercise 6 Solids_Analysis_of_Mud - Lab Report 6 Solids...

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