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Exercise 8 Solids_Analysis_of_Weighted_Salt_Water_Drilling_F

Exercise 8...

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Lab Report 8 – Salt Water Mud Title: Solids Analysis of Weighted Salt Water Drilling Fluids Purpose: Study solids analysis of a weighted salt-water mud. References: Section Procedure: You are to write a memo report to the rig supervisor telling him WHAT his problem is, WHY he has such a problem, HOW you came to that conclusion, and WHAT he is to do in the future to avoid such problems. The attachments to your report should include: 1) The data sheets you used for your conclusions. 2) An explanation of why his analysis method does not work. 3) A calculation sheet that provides a sample calculation used to generate the graph. 4) A specially prepared graph for salt-water muds that he can use on subsequent wells. 5) A discussion of how you arrived at the Maximum Solids Allowed Line for the new graph. The problem is to create a new figure that looks like Figure 2.29, but is for salt water mud with 6% mineral oil content.
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