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Exercise 9 - TA Version

Exercise 9 - TA Version - PGE 430 Lab Exercise 9 To From RE...

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PGE 430 Lab Exercise 9 To: Drilling Manager From: Student Name - TA Version (+0.5 for memo style) RE: Gomez Field Problems, Fort Stockton, Texas Unstable Wolfcamp shale has posed serious drilling problems in the subject field. Recommendations to solve this problem followed by a discussion of the recommendations is presented next. Recommendations: The emulsifier should be increased from 0.25 to 1 lb/bbl of mud. This will immediately stop the formation of free water in the mud by creating a stable emulsion. The activity of the mud should be adjusted to be in equilibrium with the shale by adding 6.7 lb/bbl of CaCl2. These recommendations will stop any water from contacting and disrupting the shale. These two recommendations must be made (+2 pts). Discussion: The current mud shows an electrical stability (ES) of 65 volts and has 1 ml of free water in the filtrate. An unstable emulsion allows water to separate from the emulsion and become a continuous phase. The water will then act as filtrate and invade the formations around the bore hole.
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