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Exercise 12 - TA Version

Exercise 12 - TA Version - Lab Report 12 Emergency...

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Lab Report 12 – Emergency Calculations TO: District Engineer and Rig 10 Personnel FROM: Drilling Department RE: Emergency Well Control Calculations for Rig 10 Memo style +0.5 pt Recommendations: Based on the discussion which follows we believe there is a very narrow pressure range in this well. The casing pressure cannot be allowed to exceed 528 psi without fracturing the shoe of the casing and the drill pipe pressure cannot be allowed to fall below 350 psi (using a 50 psi safety margin) without allowing another gas bubble into the well. We recommend that the first circulation of the Driller’s Method be started immediately in order to remove the gas bubble from the well. We feel this is the simplest plan and therefore the most likely to succeed considering the narrow pressure limitations of the well. Under no circumstances should the drill pipe pressure be allowed to fall below the initial circulating pressure during this circulation. The initial circulating pressure should be calculated by the rig supervisor and verified by us before beginning. The conclusion can be as shown or it can be to stay with the original plan of the Wait and Weight Method so long as a reasonable explanation is attached. If the Wait and Weight Method is chosen the new mud weight shown in the discussion must be calculated.
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