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PGE 430 Drilling Homework 1 Due at lecture time: W 9/9/09 (1) A draw works is rated at 1500 input Hp. The maximum load that can be picked up is 1,000,000 lbs on 12 lines. Please show the equations required and prepare a table of results to show: (a) The velocity of the blocks (ft/min) for weights starting at 1,000,000 lbs and descending 100,000 lb increments. (b) The velocity of the fast line. (c) The required draw works drum speed in revolutions per minute (rpm) if the drum is 5’ in diameter. Note that the drum cannot be turned faster than 100 rpm. Do one example calculation at 1,000,000 lbs. The other results can be in the table. (2) Please compute the volume of natural gas in MScf/Day that is required to provide the equivalent input power to an engine as diesel oil used at 40 gal/hour. (3) An SCR rig has two primary 1225 KW generators. The power loss in the SCR house is 10%. During drilling operations two pumps require 500 V and 600 amps per pump. The top drive requires 500 V and 300 amps. The “hotel load” for the rig is 220 V and
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