C320-305-100 - Echometer QRod Application Page 1 of 1 QRod Application Title My QRod Test Run Results Rate(100 Pump Eff Rate(95 Pump Eff Rod Taper

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QRod Application Title: My QRod Test Run Results Design Inputs Default Settings Rate (100 % Pump Eff.) 178 bbl/day Rate (95 Pump Eff.) 169 bbl/day Rod Taper, % 34.0, 66.0 Top Rod Loading 83.3 % Min API Unit Rating 320-200-100 Min Motor Size 16.7 hp Polished Rod Power 8.4 hp TVLoad 15,300 lbs SVLoad 11,300 lbs Unit Type CWConv Pump Depth 7,000 ft Target Rate 169 bbl/day Stroke Rate 7.5 SPM Surface Stroke Length 100 in Pump diameter 1.500 in Tubing Size 2.875" (6.4 lb/ft) 2.441" ID in Anchored Tubing Yes Rod Type Steel Rods Rod Number 76 Rod Grade D Total Sinker Bar Weight 472.5 lb Fluid Specific Gravity 1 Tubing Pressure 50 psi Casing Pressure 50 psi Damping Factor 0.1 Unit Efficiency 95 Pump Efficiency 95 Pump Intake Pressure 831 psi (calculated from PI/Reservoir Pressure) Reservoir Pressure
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