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PGE 362 Homework 9 Due at the start of lecture on April 27 (1) Please determine the gravel mesh to use and the likely skin caused by the gravel pack using the following data set. You may use the Schwartz correlation for gravel size. (Hint - follow example 6-2 in the text.) 40 g 0.057" 500 md 30' 0 0.3" number of perforations = 120 0.7 BHT = 180 deg F BHP = 4,000 psi Casing ID = 5" Hole Diame g f perf D k h s D γ = = = = = = ter = 8.75" Estimated initial gas rate = 10 MMScf/Day (2) Please determine the depth to the operating valve and the locations of the unloading valves, using the approximate technique shown in the notes, for the
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