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PGE 362 Homework 10 Due at the start of lecture on May 4. (1) Please determine the maximum production rate for a beam lift installation using the data shown below. L g 7,000' 1 STB/Day/psi BHT = 175 deg F 1.0 0.65 1000 psi The minimum 100 psi wf D J p p γ = = = = = = Download the QROD program for this assignment. You may consider either a 1 ¼” or 1 ½” plunger pump and either rod string design type 76 or 86 Class D. The rods will use 75’ of 6.3 lb/ft sinker bars on the bottom. Any data not given can be assumed as the default values in the program. Assume the pumping unit that is available is a C228D-213-86. Please obey Axiom No. 1. (2) Repeat using a C320D-305-100 pumping unit. (3) Can a pumping unit be found that can reduce the speed to less than 10 spm
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