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Homework 1 Reservoir Engineering: Primary Oil Recovery 20 points Sections 1-4 and 1-5 deals with the variation of reservoir properties with depth. The purpose of this exercise is the further explore this phenomenon with our own data set. Used the data set TORISClass.xls in this exercise. This data tabulates the average properties from over 1000 onshore US reservoirs. The engineering data are in Excel columns C- AQ, and the geologic parameters are in columns AR-BJ of the sheet Edited. 1. Construct a correlation matrix between the engineering parameters. List below the engineering quantities that correlate significantly (absolute value of correlation
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Unformatted text preview: coefficient >0.6) with depth. 2. Construct plots initial average pressure (column AI) and temperature (R) versus depth (P) in the style of Fig. 1-12. You should omit any reservoir that does not have entries for these three quantities. 3. Perform a linear regression between depth and pressure, temperature, and fracture pressure (use the equation on p. 15). Give the geopressure gradient, the geothermal gradient and the fracture gradient based on this data. Give also the 95% confidence limit on the gradients. You need not turn in your spreadsheet here. Just answer questions 1 and 3, and turn in the plots asked for in part 2....
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