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Homework 3 Reservoir Engineering: Primary Recovery 30 points The purpose of this homework is to give you practice with the oil and gas properties. 1. Oil Properties a. Work exercise 4-13 which data are given in HW3Data.xls. Evaluate the quantities in a spreadsheet at all pressures. You should find Fig. 4-10 helpful in doing this. b Plot the formation volume factors, and the solubilities versus pressure in the manner of Fig. 4-11. c Plot the total or two-phase formation volume factors versus pressure. See Figs. 4-28 and 4-30. I would like only the plots in parts b and c turned in though you will be using spreadsheets of this form throughout the class.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Gas Compressibilitiy Factors. Work exercise 4-19 using the pressures 4521 through 6500 psi of the data on p. 600. You should use the correlations for the C 7+ fraction given on p. 569 and the Hall-Yarborough method discussed on p. 568. This method will require that you write a spreadsheet macro to solve the HY cubic equation. See the original paper on this or the discussion in Dake's 1978 text. You will need this spreadsheet in later problems. Hand in only a plot of z-factor at the various pressures calculated with HY and the values on p. ....
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