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Comparison of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs With Skinner’s Behaviorist Theory Issue Maslow Skinner Define Motivation Motivation arises from the desire to satisfy the basic needs, defined by Maslow as a hierarchy, moving from physiological to self-actualization. Motivation stems from the way behavior is rewarded- good behavior rewarded, bad behavior reprimanded How Motivation Changes For Elementary Versus Secondary Students Moves from basic to more advanced, from emotional needs to more intellectual needs, the ability to capture concepts that are more detailed, less static, and to analyze problems that have open-ended answers Work from simple to complex steps; performance/feedback motivation and actualization changes; amount of reward changes; kind and quality of reward changes Similarities /Differences Set of needs must be met, and to move to next level reward occurs; melding of layers of needs; primary human focus is establishing inner needs Behavior affected by consequences; theory of operant conditioning always manipulation of reward/punishment; humans desire belonging, feedback important Miscellaneous Set of complex inner needs to be filled Set of complex rewards to be filled Using the chart above, we compare some basic factors between Maslow’s
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sof1 - Comparison of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs With...

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