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Homework 5 PGE331 Gas Reservoir Analysis 20 points HW5Data.xls contains data from three regions (10, 10A, and 11) of the Washington 10 field in Michigan. These dry gas reservoir(s) are depleting volumetrically. The reservoir temperature is 77 F and the gas gravity is 0.66. See the enclosed schematic of the reservoir. There is no water production or influx. 1. Estimate the gas initially in place using P/z plots. 2. Estimate the gas initially in place using F vs. E g plots. From the onset of production there has been questions about how well these three regions
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Unformatted text preview: communicate with each other. Strong communication, of course, indicates that the field could be developed with fewer wells. 3. Based on the given data, do you think there is communication? How do you substantiate this conclusion. You need only turn in the plots asked for in part 1 and 2 along with the answer to part 3. Is the substantiation to part 3 requires plot(s), turn those in also....
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