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Reservoir Engineering: Primary Recovery PGE323k Homework 6 Inferring Production Mechanisms in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs 50 points Use the production data in OilPortfolio.xls in this exercise. . The homework is to be done and turned in entirely in Excel but you need turn your results. 1. Use Solver to fit the general depletion equation F = Ν φοι Ε ο + Γ φγι Ε γ + ε 1 to the production data. In so doing determine the original oil ( N foi ), and gas ( G fgi ) in place, and the aquifer size. All are non-negative. The reservoirs in the portfolio may be saturated or undersaturated. Plot F data versus the F from Eq. 1 with the fitted quantities. 2. Calculate the drive indices as discussed in Sec. 6-2.3 for each reservoir.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify the dominant drive mechanism. 3. For each reservoir construct the plot that is appropriate for the dominant drive mechanism. For example, for a solution gas drive reservoir, the plot would be F versus E o . See discussion in the text and the notes. The aquifers in the portfolio (if any) are not necessarily small. However, you may use the small aquifer approximation in this homework mainly because any other model would require more data than is given. You should turn in a table of drive indices for each reservoir and the plots asked for in part 1 and 3. There should therefore be one table and two plots for each reservoir....
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