Chapter 8 - The mind's eye! Cartesian Theatre The person's...

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Unformatted text preview: The mind's eye! Cartesian Theatre The person's subjective experience of the world and the mind: The source of some persistent (deep) questions: Is it possible that an organism could act and react in the same way as you do without having any inner subjective experience? A zombie? How do you know that other people are also conscious? Is your red the same as mine? Even if other people are conscious, how do you know they are having the same inner experiences as you? Problem of other minds Mind takes in sensations, and outputs behavior Reactive; reflexive Minimal consciousness: Knowing and being able to report your mental states Aware that you are having a mental state while you are having it Away that there is a you! Full consciousness: Think about what the I am like Reflecting back on the self Attend specifically to the self as an object Self consciousness: Levels of consciousness What species have a sense of self/recognize themselves? Humans chimps orangutans ,dolphins?,elephants? Mirror Test Experience: ability to feel mental states fear, hunger, pain, happiness Agency: ability for self control, planning , abstract thought ability to make choices Tend to judge other minds along two dimensions Would it be possible to create a conscious machine? If you can engage in an complex interaction (e.g., a conversation) with it and not be able to tell if it is conscious Turning test: how do you know if a computer is intelligent? Dennett: feelings/appearance of consciousness is what counts Why might it be an illusion? If it is an illusion why is it useful? It's useful for us to believe that ourselves and others are conscious...
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Chapter 8 - The mind's eye! Cartesian Theatre The person's...

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