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Chem 4 Properties: - Chemical properties- flammability - Physical properties – boiling points, taste - Intensive properties - Extensive properties Three states of matter - Gas; indefinite shape, indefinite volume - Liquid; indefinite shape, definite volume - Solid; definite shape, definite volume Changes: - Chemical changes (chemical reactions)- leaf color green yellow red (cannot go back to the previous color) - Physical changes- water becomes steam when boiled, salt water is physical because salt can be taken away after boil Scientific figures and notations - Non zero: 1,2,3…9 - Captive zero: like 103, 0 in between is important - Trailing zero with decimal place: like approximately 100, only “1” part is significant.
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Unformatted text preview: However, if 100. with “.” then all “1” “0” “0” are significant. *** 0.050 (first two zeros are Insignificant but “50” is significant)-Uncertainty level… if the inclement is 1 (1cm to 2cm), the uncertainty level becomes 1 +/- 0.5 (half of that inclement) Types of uncertainty-Accuracy-Precision Difference between mass and weight: mass is stable & constant; weight can change due to gravity (Mass*acceleration due to gravity) Difference between kinetic and potential energy: running on a treadmill kinetic, dam potential Energy cannot be created or destroyed ****Intrinsic property and extrinsic property...
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