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gangs lecture note 6 - Meme can cause tunnel vision...

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Lecture 6 80% are victims of abuse before age 8 92% of all homicide in the US are done with guns Skinheads = first to use the internet Immigrant population- small percentage get involved in US gang Meme/Perceptions: perceptional blindness false positives Any unit of cultural information, such as practice or idea that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action
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Unformatted text preview: Meme can cause tunnel vision Different gangs use the same name Gangs are unstable; they often change It is difficult to find the gang’s structure “Big Bang Theory”: exaggerate the size and danger of juvenile gangs and OG’s MYTH: wanna-be is a gonna- be (false) All gangs fit the social definition but not the penal Code Definition...
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