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gangs lecture note 7 - Cocaine trafficking goes thought...

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The last Narco – Malcolm Beith $35 to kill someone Zeta’s – called “cells” by the US government? The Mexican government thinks the violence is going to die down in about 7 years but he thinks the level of violence will stays the same Pro-marijuana legalization, not heroin Drug and arm trafficking, Intellectual property, human trafficking, money laundering (5 areas) where transnational gangs operate globally The majority of human trafficking victims are women and kids***** “Strawberry purchase” – the way guns get smuggled into Mexico 7 billion dollar of the US taxes go to Columbia to get rid of the cartels American street gangs involved in terrorism? NO***** 4 major ports for drug trafficking: LA is the ONLY city in the entire US that has become the distribution point for five major drugs (5 Free-way)***** New Mexico- major gang is Barrio Azteca? US prison, street and motorcycle gangs (ALL) have the direct connections with the drug trafficking cartels in different countries for ALL 5 major drugs
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Unformatted text preview: Cocaine trafficking goes thought Mexico but it’s manufactured in South America Primary income source for American street gangs comes from drug sales Methamphetamine is the most growing drug???? In CA Fresno is the biggest injection-base drug consuming city CA is the most active drug states As far as CNS damage goes, Meth is the most damaging****** Marijuana is the most popular drug in the US****** Over half of the murders in LA are gang related 2000%markups on drugs when they are sold (cost to make times 2000% = retail value) Gangs conduct criminal activity in ALL 50 states and territories LA is the primary factory for PCP Mexican Mafia is the most influential mid-level and retail distributions for drugs in the LA area US has less than 5% of world population but more than 50% of drug consumption 10-10-80 theory: law inforcement deals with 10% of the gang members, academics deal with about 80%, 10% are not contacted by either of them************...
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