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Lecture 8 Lazaro Cardenes- deepest water port, no security, cocaine traffic Nixon declared the war on drug (1971)- first against cocaine crack marijuana meth. Now the war is world-wide with US allies Since 2006, over 40,000 Mexican people have killed (drug related) Majority (90%) of the drugs that re sold/used in US is from foreign countries DTO: Drug Trafficking Organization Street gangs operate in all 50 states, Mexican cartels operate at least in 2,000 US cities 8 regions in the US*********** West – meth, East – Cocaine (most popular CNS drug) West part of the US is dominated by Mexican cartels Only 5% heroin comes from Mexico Mexican DTO’s have emerged as the primary drug trafficking group in the world Drug use/sale is increasing Per capita,***** Illinois****** has the highest rate of gang members, not CA
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Unformatted text preview: VIDEO: marijuana is most popular in the world, highest cash crop in CA, most indoor growing marijuana is in FLORIDA ********************* Mark Emeromy- the PRINCE OF POT*************** Is there a pot TV in Canada? – Yes Robinhood effect – cartels are favored by the people Majority of gang crime in the US is by gun MS13 is currently in 48 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. MS13 is NOT the most violent gang in the US************************* Marijuana growth, meth production, cocaine distribution Hector model- most likely touched by more than dozen people in three countries (transnational) same in Central America, Europe Only 3% of guns are used by the government 1000 death/day by guns, 80% women and kids...
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