Historical Foundations of Management

Historical Foundations of Management - Historical...

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Unformatted text preview: Historical Foundations of Management Facts from the past that worked precursor to determine the present Ancient China : books for managing people (ex) by Sun Tzu, the army official The Art of War Rome, Egypt, Mediterranean areas : (ex) FARAOs pyramid; managers, workers, materials, transportations and so on. From the fall of Rome until 1750 : Industrial Evolution (England), first NON-FAMILY managers promoted for their technical ability and peacekeeping talents. 1800s in the US : North east; arrival of steam powers textiles, major growth of factories, growing number of women working at factories. Arms manufacturing (Civil War around 1650s). Railroads; need for organization, time tables, merit promotions. i-clicker : C, Inventory control **How old is modern management? about 100 years Frederick Taylor: scientific management, big buy should have a big shovel, little guy should have a little shovel (determine the best way, efficiency), has to PAY a decent wage for decent...
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Historical Foundations of Management - Historical...

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