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Nature of Management **i-clicker: you don’t need any degree to become managers Management is a process of assembling and using sets of resources to accomplish tasks in an organization setting. It is about working with people (communication skills), MOTIVATION is important. Organization is a group that has divided individualized rules to accomplish similar tasks. Every organization is different Duality: being pulled in two directions, (ex) order vs. chaos, consistency vs. flexibility. Balancing is important. **i-clicer : who was the first person to describe functions of management? – Henry Fayol Interpersonal, Informational, and Decisional roles that managers play: Interpersonal : Figurehead… (ex) Bill Gates for Microsoft. Leader…interpersonal influential person that actually works with you. Liaison… the bridge between companies or groups within a company. Informational : Monitor… collect information for keeping things functioning right. Disseminator… collect data and send it to the other divisions of the company. Spokesperson…
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