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HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY TEXT STUDY QUESTIONS CHAPTER 1 1.1 What is the “zeitgeist” view of how history evolves? Hint: Things occur because the time is right not because anyone in particular happens to be around then. 1.2 Many influential thinkers have expressed the view that psychology can not be a science. What aspect of the nature of psychology leads some people to this view? 1.3 What does the book mean by the “assumption of determinism” viewed as an approach to investigating why things occur? 1.4 Suppose I announce the following theory; “Humans are fundamentally selfish. No matter how much one person’s acts may seem to be for the good of others, his or her motives always derive from the desire to advance themselves.” Why would Popper not accept this as a scientific theory? Hint: What does Karl Popper’s “Principle of Falsifiability” refer to? 1.5 In simple terms what is the distinction between “ nativism ” and “ empiricism ” viewed as explanations about where human traits come from?
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