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HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY LECTURE STUDY QUESTIONS (Bring them to class so you can make notes) I will number the lecture study questions consecutively L1, L2, … . I will not tie the questions to particular lectures; however, the order of the lecture study questions will generally, but not always, follow the order of material covered in lecture. It may be helpful to consult the Glossaries and the Subject Index in the text for extra information. L. 1. There are a lot of systems of thought that involve the subject “psychology." Our course will be a history of what kind of psychology? ( Answer: Academic psychology, what’s taught in Universities as psychology’ in most countries) L. 2. What was the essence of Ebbinghaus' quote, "psychology has a short history and a long past:"? What event marked the separation between the history and the past of psychology? Hint: Look up Wundt. L.3. What is the main difference in the sorts of psychological laws that were sought by the early German psychologists and the early English psychologists? Hint: What is the essential difference between “normative psychology” and “differential psychology?” (slide #9) L. 4. The pre-Socratic philosophers worried about the ultimate building blocks of the universe. Thales thought it was water; Heraclitus thought it was fire; Empedocles thought there were four basic types (air, earth, fire, water); Democritus thought there were a variety of irreducible atoms, etc., etc. All this work inspired the perspectives of "naturalism." What are the basic implications of this for psychology? ( Hint : Can mind and body be thought of separate levels of existence in this perspective?).
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