Midterm guide Developmental

Midterm guide Developmental - Tabula rasa(blank state =...

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Tabula rasa (blank state) = John Loke Let kids play around and no education until 12, learn through their own spontaneous interaction with objects and other people = Rousseau “Baby biography” pioneer = Darwin Stage Theory = discontinuous; Piaget Carol Dweck: kids who believe that intelligence is fixed are likely to think that the challenging problems are too hard for them Experimental research allows cause-and-effect relations between variables Longuitudinal… experiments on same groups throughout ages; cross-sectional… different people in age groups Microgenetic = same kids experimented frequently Epigenesis… idea that new structures and functions emerge during development Cell division is the earliest stage. Apoptosis is “cell-suicide” (ex) formation of hands Phylogenetic continuity… humans share some characteristics of developmental processes with other animals By the 4 th day after conception, the inner cell mass becomes embryo and the rest become amniotic sac and placenta First 4 weeks the outer most cells (shapes like U) become neural tube 45% of miscarriages happen with women who don’t even notice pregnancy, 15-20% for known pregnaicies Teratogens… agent that potentially harm during prenatal development Fetal alcohol syndrome is NOT associated with sudden death syndrome Autostimulation theory… idea that brain activity during REM sleep in the fetus and newborn facilitates the early development of the visual system
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Midterm guide Developmental - Tabula rasa(blank state =...

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