Personality theories Discussion

Personality theories Discussion - Personality theories...

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Personality theories (discussion) Ch.1 (Dis.1) What’s the meaning of ‘persona’? (Answer: mask) – read Pg.1 Theory definition Pg.4 : do theory serve as generate or constrain? (Answer: both) Theory is useful for: generate hypothesis and research, organize data, therapy, things can be clearly measured Simple one is always preferable when there are two same/similar theories Deterministic theory vs. free choice Pessimism vs. optimism Causality vs. teleology (my behavior now is my expectation for my future); things happened in past (looking back) vs. future based (Dis.2) Know the test names and the purpose/detail/types (projective: answers will vary vs. objective: usually multiple choice so people can get same scores) on the sheet Validity vs. reliability, test CAN be reliable but not valid, NOT the other way Freud: Study of hysteria with John, Wednesday Psychological Society, irrational and unreasonable hate toward Americans Topological Model… Unconscious, Preconscious: things can be in and out within conscious, Conscious. Kingdom with the king on top (try to reduce the stress of the king), the person tries to attack the king and the king repress and suppress the person Structural Model (Province of Mind)… Id (unconscious, seek pleasure, sex, and avoid
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Personality theories Discussion - Personality theories...

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